Tax Tree Technologies offers several tax credit software solutions. We process the federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), state hiring based credit and complete complimentary federal hiring forms.  Tax Tree also provides an R&D Credit and Cost Segregation data management tool for consultants.  


Software Services

  • Cost Segregation
  • Research & Development
  • Enterprise Zone Credit
  • New California Hire Credit
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Key Features

  • Easy to use - Interviews take 5 minutes to complete
  • Customizable data collection points
  • Fast & simple process
  • Electronic signatures & submissions
  • Key data upload function
  • Video recording - Interviews
  • 100% Web-based & secure
  • One-on-one 24/7 support

R&D Compliance Pro

R&D Compliance Pro is designed to document qualified R&D activity for “contemporaneous” support for your R&D credit.  Our industry-leading interview software allows remote recording of R&D activity in a “real time” environment.  The program is supported through electronic signature and our easy to use data upload function. The software offers thoughtfully designed online interviews, custom questionnaires and one-click recording menu options, which makes it easier for your R&D department to record their R&D efforts in very efficient manner. 

Cost Segregation Compliance Pro

Cost Segregation Compliance Pro allows the documentation of qualified cost activity.   We feature intuitive and intelligent tools that are thoughtfully designed to capture critical key data. With a one-click recording menu and a custom questionnaire, the software is able to document contemporaneous key cost activity. As with our R&D software we have developed critical data collection points that we believe are essential to your Cost Segregation compliance efforts. Our industry-leading interview software allows remote recording of cost support activity in a “real time” environment. The program is further supported through electronic signature and our easy-to-use data upload function. Our cutting-edge software allows clients to supplement their compliance efforts in achieving high levels of contemporaneous support.


Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Our proprietary web-based software gathers key employee data and processes it for maximization of federal incentives. Our technology allows businesses to effectively meet stringent and time-sensitive, government processing requirements.  Our software is easy to use – interviews are fast and simple.  Our software offers electronic signature and submission.  

We are 100% web-based and secure.

HR Solutions

HR Solutions will complete your Federal I-9 and W-4 hiring forms with a one-page employee questionnaire. HR Solutions is a secure web-based program created to assist employers with the filing of required employee forms. With a one-page strategic questionnaire that includes an optional electronic signature application, your HR department can quickly process both required forms. When the interview is completed, each form can be securely accessed by HR for final processing. The low-cost yearly subscription fee for HR Solutions comes with unlimited usage.


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